What is dealcoholized wine?

Simply put, dealcoholized wine is wine that has had the alcohol removed. ARIEL is more than mere grape juice! We make our wine using time-tested, traditional winemaking methods, starting with varietal wine grapes grown in California. After the juice is fermented, we remove the alcohol in the final stages using our cold filtration process. This allows people to enjoy the pleasure and nuance of a fermented beverage, but without the alcohol.

Why would someone drink dealcoholized wine?

There are actually many occasions when people want to enjoy the taste and ritual of fine wine, but do not want the alcohol. Many ARIEL customers do not drink alcohol because of health reasons. In fact, according to a survey taken by the National Institute of Health, 35% of all American adults lead alcohol-free lifestyles. For some of these folks, ARIEL dealcoholized wine is an excellent beverage alternative to soft drinks and fruit juices.

What does ARIEL taste like?

We use premium, California-grown wine grapes to make ARIEL. We are committed to making the highest quality, best-tasting dealcoholized wine available in the market today. That said, ARIEL does not taste the same as wines containing alcohol, so it will not satisfy all palates. While ARIEL is made in a similar manner to regular wines, alcohol lends body and texture. Without alcohol, our result is lighter and less robust. If you are transitioning to dealcoholized wines after being accustomed to drinking traditional wines, it may take a few ARIEL experiences before you get used to its lightness. However, many customers actually prefer this taste to that of traditional wines with alcohol as ARIEL is lighter, smoother and very easy to drink. We encourage you to try a bottle yourself and let us know what you think!

Do ARIEL wines contain any alcohol?

Though it is physically impossible to remove 100% of the alcohol from fermented beverages, ARIEL wine meets the legal definition of a dealcoholized beverage, which states that the product must contain less than half of one percent alcohol (<0.5%). Believe it or not, ARIEL dealcoholized wines contain even less alcohol than most orange juices!

Can recovering alcoholics, pregnant women and diabetics drink ARIEL?

Everybody’s situation is different! We recommend that you make this decision with the help of your physician.

Why is ARIEL’s cold filtration process so important?

Most other processes of alcohol removal require the use of heat and evaporation in order to remove the alcohol from the wine. Heat damages the natural flavor of the grape. The ARIEL process is done cold, usually at temperatures less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Our wine is never heated, and therefore retains the natural, flavorful quality of the fruit used to make it.

Since it’s classified as a dealcoholized beverage, can minors purchase ARIEL?

Due to varying laws and retail policies, minors may not be permitted to purchase dealcoholized wines or beers in retail stores or restaurants. However, minors may taste and purchase ARIEL in our tasting rooms.

Does ARIEL make any wines with alcohol?

No, ARIEL is devoted to producing only dealcoholized wines! For wines with alcohol, visit

Why is ARIEL used by people who are dieting?

ARIEL is a healthy alternative for individuals trying to lose weight, as our dealcoholized wines contain only one-third of the calories that wines with alcohol contain. In addition to weight control, ARIEL also offers many other health benefits.

Is ARIEL Vegan? Kosher? Halal?

ARIEL is not considered Vegan, Kosher or Halal and therefore cannot accommodate every lifestyle.

Why are ARIEL dealcoholized wines considered the world’s best?

ARIEL is the only dealcoholized wine in history to win a gold medal in a competition against wines with alcohol! This happened in 1986, when professional judges at the Los Angeles County Fair awarded ARIEL this high honor in a blind tasting, shocking the industry. The competitors for the category in which ARIEL won were several table wines with alcohol, including one especially well-known Chardonnay. Since then, ARIEL dealcoholized wines have won 8 medals against wines with alcohol in blind tastings conducted by professional judges. Because of our long history and commitment to taste, ARIEL is currently recognized by 17 countries worldwide as the leader in producing the best-tasting, highest-quality dealcoholized wines.

Where can I find ARIEL in my area?

ARIEL is found at natural and health-food stores, grocery chains, fine wine shops and restaurants. If you cannot find us at your local retailer, ask for ARIEL by name!

“What happened to the other ARIEL products I used to enjoy?”

America loves its Cabernet and Chardonnay as the king and queen of grape varieties!  While we at ARIEL have enjoyed a long history of producing dealcoholized wines and blends for appreciative fans everywhere, we are choosing to focus our portfolio on these two beloved ARIEL wines.

As part of the J. Lohr specialty wine portfolio, grapes for our ARIEL Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are grown in some of the most storied estate vineyards on California’s Central Coast, and we hope you will continue to enjoy these delicious offerings.  Click here to order.

We thank you for your support and enthusiasm for ARIEL wines!

The ARIEL team

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