Health Benefits

In today’s health-conscious world, many people are decreasing their alcohol consumption.

In fact, according to a survey taken by the National Institute of Health, 35% of all American adults lead alcohol-free lifestyles! Many of these people choose to do so because of health reasons. For these folks, ARIEL dealcoholized wine provides a fun and interesting beverage alternative to soft drinks and fruit juices, which tend to be high in sugar, sodium, artificial sweeteners and dyes. Many of these beverages are also full of empty calories. ARIEL dealcoholized wines appeal to the person who appreciates the taste and complexity of wine, but is searching for a dealcoholized alternative. ARIEL is not only dealcoholized, but also non-fat, low in sugar, and contains roughly one third of the calories that traditional wine with alcohol contains (approximately 19-37 calories for a four ounce serving, as opposed to 100 calories per serving in wines with alcohol*). Also, by removing the alcohol, we remove the metabolism-slowing and dehydrating effects associated with it, as well as the many risks engendered by being under the influence of alcohol.

Furthermore, due to growing research over the last 20 years, there have been several discoveries made regarding the antioxidant and cholesterol-fighting benefits associated with wine drinking. The best part is, the same plant compounds that provide health benefits in wines with alcohol have also been found in abundant quantities in ARIEL!

According to various studies,
ARIEL dealcoholized wines may help you…

…decrease your risk of heart disease.

In the past decade there have been scores of reports in medical journals around the world detailing the benefits of wine consumption for decreasing the risk of heart disease. For instance, a 1994 study by Michael H. Criqui and Brenda L. Ringel, from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine studied heart disease rates in 21 countries and found that the more wine a country drank, the fewer heart disease deaths it reported.

…lower your cholesterol.

Scientists at the University of California, Davis, have identified saponins in red wine. These glucose-based plant compounds are linked to the ability of lowering cholesterol. This is the first time they’ve been found in wine, according to Andrew Waterhouse, Ph.D., Professor of Enology (wine chemistry) at the University of California, Davis.

…reduce your chances of having a stroke.

A 16-year study of 13,000 people in Denmark by Institute of Preventive Medicine has found that a daily glass of wine may significantly reduce the risk of stroke. The researchers noted that those who drank roughly one glass of wine daily—red or white—had a 32-percent reduction in their risk of stroke. The same was not true of beer or liquor drinkers.

*According to the USDA report on nutritional data in wine

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