Our Process

ARIEL dealcoholized wines start with varietal grapes grown in California and are fermented and made in a similar manner to that of traditional wines.

Some of ARIEL’s varietal wines are are aged in small oak barrels, and all are fined and filtered according to traditional winemaking methods. Finally, more than 99.5% of the alcohol is removed through our gentle cold filtration process. This process, which uses reverse osmosis, allows alcohol to be removed from ARIEL while retaining many of the qualities found in traditional wine! Check out how ARIEL is made:

  1. The base tank is initially filled with wine.
  2. A pump pushes the wine into the reverse osmosis unit.
  3. The cylinders have membranes that separate a syrupy concentrate from the alcohol and water.
  4. The water and alcohol flow into a storage tank, and the concentrate is recycled 10-20 times.
  5. Finally, before bottling, fresh water is added to the concentrate, creating the finished product!

Wine Making Process

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