Our Vineyards

The level of care is what allows ARIEL Vineyards to craft some of the most well-balanced and flavorful dealcoholized wines available.

Vineyard Grapes

Because ARIEL Vineyards is owned and operated by J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines, we have access to high-quality fruit from J. Lohr’s 3,700 acres of estate vineyards, which are located predominantly along California’s acclaimed Central Coast. From Monterey County down to Paso Robles, the J. Lohr estate vineyards, which are sustainably farmed and chosen for their specific microclimates and soil compositions, are the primary source of the fruit used in ARIEL dealcoholized wines. These vineyards, managed by an experienced team, are nurtured with attention to irrigation, canopy management and cluster thinning, and are fine-tuned to achieve proper vine balance. J. Lohr’s Director of Winemaking Jeff Meier and Red Winemaker Steve Peck guide the crafting and cellaring of wines used to produce ARIEL, employing only the very best practices, which have developed during Meier’s 26 years with J. Lohr.

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